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Knowledge is truly half the battle when it comes to restoring your financial life. Knowing what is affecting you and how will assist in what to do next. We take pride in not only educating you on the current but also preparing you for what is yet to come. Teaching you how to rebuild your credit to maintain the status you desire is key. Additionally, we assist in improving your financial culture. Once your situation is recovered , you may end up in the same situation again  if you have not changed your "bad" money habits. We assist with budgeting, and even have a step-by-step "how to" when it comes to your day to day finances. Our number one goal is to assist you with your entire financial picture. As much as we appreciate your business, we DO NOT want any repeat clients.

Top 5 Credit



1.) Paying Bills late- it is absolutely critical that bills are paid ON TIME; Especially monthly credit reporting bills. Payment History makes up 35% of your credit score!

2.)Credit Card Utilization- having a high utilization rate impacts your score on your credit cards. Keeping it at 29% or less is ideal

3.)Disputing Inaccuracies online- this can be a big " no, no". There is a clause in the terms and condions that will prevent you from redisputing. Some things may require a redispute after the inital one takes place or isn't "properly handled"

4.)Living beyond your means- Most people don't have at least 6 months of savings available to them in case in of "emergency" because their finances are being stretched so thin. Consider downsizing or reducing bills to get a bigger savings! (i.e. do you really need 900 channels of cable?) This will assure money is availble for on time payments.

5.)Not having any debt-  there is good debt and bad debt. Good debt can be a mortgage paid on time each month.  Bad debt can be a collection account from an unpaid medical bill. Not having any debt is worse than bad debt, because lenders can't see how you handle credit and can't assess the "risk" ; which could result in declination of your credit application. Avoid this by having GOOD debt reporting each month.

Life After



Have you had to resort to filing bankruptcy? Let us be the first to tell you, IT'S OK. We assure you, it isn't the end of the world. You can obtain great credit even after filing bankruptcy.


Once the duration of your bankruptcy term has ended, the focus needs to be on rebuilding. Knowing exactly how to rebuild, the best options for rebuilding, and the swiftest way to do so is KEY!


All of our clients receive very elaborate and detailed information with regard to credit, how credit is assessed and how to make credit work for you. This education is indeed critical to all clients, especially those finding relief after bankruptcy.


Many believe rebuilding is as simple as getting a credit card and paying your bill on time. While that is indeed accurate, there are many other influencing factors, that may not be so obvious. Your revolving balance matters, your utilization rate matters, your limit matters and your payments definetly matter. The recovery process is a delicate one and we treat it as such. You can rest assured your situation will be handled with care.


We cant wait to assist you! It will be our pleasure to "Beautify Your Credit"

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