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BeautifyCredit Credit Card

Credit Building is one of the most important components to restoring your credit. Potential lenders are assessing the way you use credit and if you're not currently using credit you can be considered a risk! Additionally, if you're repairing your credit , keep in mind it's not about what you dispute and have deleted, it's also about what you have open and current in your file for them to see.

This credit card is a secured credit card and it'll help you build credit to help boost your credit file.

A few things to remember when using your new credit card:

*30% of your fico score is card the balance (utilization) you have so keep your utilization low, preferably 29% and below of the credit card limit

*35% is your payment fico credit score is your payment history so, PAY THIS CARD ON TIME! and IN FULL!! each month!

Best Wishes and Click the button if you're ready to start building credit!

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