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Derricka Harwell

From the Desk Of The CEO:

First and foremost, I want to thank you for visiting Beautify The opportunity for your business is sincerely appreciated. You could have chosen any company to assist you, and you are here with me, so, THANK YOU!

As the owner of, I am sincerely dedicated to assisting you with not only restoring your credit, but also building financial stability for you and your family. I am a wife and a mother of five; therefore, I realize and stress the importance of building and bettering your financial status to provide a better lifestyle and a more "beautiful" financial picture for your family.

A strong background in the corporate finance industry as an advisor and consultant has more than equipped me to assist you with far more than your "credit situation".

My number one goal as the owner of Beautify Credit is to provide you with enough understanding and education to assure that you are both finanacially successful and that you maintain this status and DO NOT revert back to your previous comprehension of money and credit.

Although we appreciate your business, we DO NOT want any REPEAT clients. Taking that extra step to educate is imperative to growing and progressing, and I take that EXTREMELY seriously.

Additionally, I have made it my mission to assist the community in any way possible! Not only with educating with regard to finances and credit, but also fulfilling needs within the community.. Beautify Credit is dedicated to monthly grocery giveaways, each and every single month, as well as hosting our own community events to uplift and empower families.  Additionally, we have recently made our way into the school system to assist with educating our youth to break the chains of poverty and lack of knowledge with money and credit. 

The immense amount of passion I have for this can't be simply put into words. I absolutely love what I do and can't wait to assist you and your family meet this life-changing, incredible milestone!

With Love,


Derricka  Harwell

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