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Just want to share progress from week 5 into the program!!!! Amazing results!!! You wont be disappointed!!


3 weeks into the program with BeautifyCredit over $3,000 in medical debt was cleared from my credit report,a few weeks later I was approved for my dream car!!!! 2015 MERCEDEZ BENZ!


Signed up with Beautify Credit and in 5 weeks this was my pregress!!! I was a true doubter at first , but then I thought, I've blown money on worse things, so if this was a scam I'd 'recover", Anyway 5 weeks in the program my score shot up well into the 700's!!!! Best investment of my life! I am house shoping now! Thank you BeautifyCredit!



My process for deletions has been kind of slow but steady, however with the education given to me in the consultation and during my one on ones with the owner , Beautify Credit and I have collectively increased my score by 40 points in the past 30 days!!! I feel ready to take on the world with my new found education and BeautifyCredit on my team! I wish they would teach some of this stuff in school! Glad I know it now and I can teach it to my children so they wont make the same mistakes I did.

Late Payments Killed My Score

Ok, so I'm guilty when it comes to always paying my bills late! Not because I don't have the money, but because I have a lot on my "plate" and I honestly just always forget when it's "too late" smh... Well, I had a car payment that showed late on my credit report, that I can honestly say I NEVER recalled paying late! It killed my credit score and I had no idea why!? Now, with the education I received I know it's because payment history makes up 35% of my total credit score! Well,  BeautifyCredit challenged the company to "show proof" of the late payment and they failed to do so!! I checked my credit monitoring service 2 weeks later and the delinquency was removed and my score increased by 56pts!! 56pts in 2 weeks!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU BEAUTIFY CREDIT!!

From a 388 to a 626! Plus BUSINESS CREDIT!

After 4 months credit score increased from a 388 score to a 626 credit score ; and Business credit was established seperately for All Around Tax Service! Amazing service and Beautify Credit is a life changing experience for the better!!

Purchased My Dream Home

Less than a year ago , I joined the program and told the owner (Mrs. Derricka Harwell) precisely what my goals were. I thought I may be a challenge because I had over $10,000 in debt and late payments etc. due to a small business venture that went horribly wrong; the financial mishaps put my family in a bit of a rut and even caused my husband to file bankruptcy! Less than a year in the program our credit scores increased over 100pts! This qualified us for our dream home with an ideal interest rate of 3.25%!! and a new car (under my husband's credit ) with a 3.45% interest rate with NO MONEY down!! The BEST part is, because of the education provided to us by BeautifyCredit, we will not be in this situation again & we now know how to help ourselves! This is truly a life changing experience and I'm glad we made the investment!

Divorced and Recovered!

After going through a very sticky divorce, I had several "credit issues". My ex husband wasn't the most honest when it came to our finances and credit which lead to me finding out many more issues later on. I of course contacted BeautifyCredit!!! After only 3 months of service, I purchased a condo in Cordova TN , and my new LEXUS coupe! I know know how to manage credit thanks to the education they give you, and often find myself trying to "help" other people! lol. Try BeautifyCredit you wont be disappointed!!

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