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The Harwell Jackpot!!!

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our newest endeavor to assist the community! The HARWELL JACKPOT!!!!! The Harwell Jackpot is a way we want to give back to the community. Each quarter, we will open submissions for testimonials for your financial hardships with the opportunity for us to fulfill your financial need! That's right, we want to help you with your bills!!! Any bill of your choice, with any amount owed! Have you lost your job and about to lose your home or vehicle? We want to hear all about it so that we may assist you in getting back on your feet.  Please send your information to : Be sure to include your contact information , a brief story about your hardship and why you should be chosen, a copy of the bill and where we can confirm the debt and pay it. Only one family will be chosen per quarter, only one submission will be accepted per quarter, you may submit your family or another family you may know. Submissions are only open once per quarter. Thank you all and God Bless!!

Cupcakes & Credit was an event held by Beautify Credit that was open to the public. Held at Attitudes Hair and Nail Salon in Memphis TN, it was a HUGE success! The speaker, Derricka Harwell , educated every attendee on credit, the effects of credit, how to restore your credit and financial planning.  Sponsorship came from Papa Johns who catered the entire event. Vendors who attended were MakeUp By Sammiek , Basha Shine Inc. , Sunrise Auto Representitive Ms. Annette, and owner of Attitudes Hair Salon Ms. Anita Williams. It was sincerely a pleasure and a true joy! We fed the minds and bellies of everyone present! See you there next time!

Cupcakes & Credit

It Takes A Whole Village..

The "It Takes A Whole Village" event was created for 2 High School seniors in the inner city of MemphisTN with triumphant stories of overcoming many obstacles set against them. We celebrated these incredible young ladies by assisting in preparing them for college with GRAND care packages to cover every expense for their freshman year. Additionally, they both received full makeovers for their commencement ceremony, including hair, makeup and manicure/pedicure services. Afterwards, they were carried off via horse and carriage to be presented in front of their family and friends like the queens they are. A complimentary celebration dinner at Cheddars resturant followed to present the care packages and congratulate the parents on a job well done. We are so proud of these lovely ladies and will keep you updated on their success!

Monthly Grocery Giveaway...

Barbi's Beauty Bag is an affiliate of under the same ownership of Derricka Harwell. Mrs. Harwell has a passion for giving back to the community, and after realizing that such a large percentage of families aren't eligible for state assistance but still struggle to make ends meet, including feeding their families, she felt it was time to make a change. April of 2013, our Monthly Grocery Giveaway was born. Each month we accept submissions to enter a family (no matter the size) in our grocery giveaway. The only requirement its that you must not be receving state aide.  All submissions are accepted at



Our owner and founder Derricka Harwell speaking and educating at the "I need you, you need me" Women's District Conference of Memphis TN 2015. Derricka is quoted to say "The way to break the chains of poverty is to educate ourselves and others".












I need you, You need me District Women's Conference

Give Back Attack...

Give Back Attack Memphis was an event created by the owner, Derricka Harwell, to attack the rapidly increasing unemployment rate in the inner city. She selected 3 women who experienced unfortunate job loss and were now unemployed or under employed and gave them the opportunity of a lifetime! Through a partnership with Goodwill, FREE training and resumé assistance was given to the ladies to assist in landing better jobs and opening the opportunity for careers! Additionally, each lady received a FULL pampering experience to take away the stress from their situations and prepare them for the greatness that was coming! Many local business came together to assist with celebrating the new beginning for these incredibly strong women! Each recipient received  a manicure/pedicure, professional hair styling, professional facials and makeup applications. To top things off, they received clothing and accessories to assist in equipping them with what was needed once their ideal careers were acheived! The empowerment of these ladies was incredible and we want to thank every volunteer and business who participated in making this a reality. (Picture to the right is the owner speaking on Good Morning Memphis about the event)

Support The Students!

Supporting our youth means so much! Our company has been welcomed with open arms into the public school system to educate on entrepreneurship and Barbi's Beauty Bag & Beautify business.

Education is KEY!

Everyday is Mother's Day

Every mother deserves to be celebrated EVERYDAY! So, in the middle of Novemeber that is precisely what we did. Celebrate!  We accepted online submissions, presenting the opportunity to pamper your mom for FREE!! Hair, nails and even professional make up!!  One of the FINEST photographers in the city attended to assure this was a memory captured and available to be shared for a lifetime! Thank you to all who participated to assure this could happen!

Angel Tree Wish for Successful Single Moms of Memphis

For Christmas of 2013, we teamed up with the Successful Single Moms Of Memphis Organization to grant the wish (on the angel tree) of two well deserving moms to have a "Cinderella" make over experience! Attitudes Salon Owner, Celebrity Make Up Artist Make Up by Zii, Nail Tech Extrodinaire Sippia Clark and Infamous Hair Stylist Tiara Hudson all assisted in making this event a reality! It was beautifully executed the day before Christmas! Truly a Christmas gift that will be forever remembered.

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