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Beautiful Mentorship Program with Mrs. Harwell

We are so excited to announce the new mentorship program for small business owners. This program features the opportunity to work directly with Mrs. Harwell to assist you with growing your business in all aspects.

Mrs. Harwell is an award winning, best selling author, our CEO here at, the recipient of two proclamations, one in Shelby County TN, & one in Milwaukee WI , for her phenomenal work in the community; declaring May 17th and August 9th to be Derricka Harwell Day.

Mrs. Harwell is the first African American female, self made, multi millionaire in the credit repair industry. She has a strong background in the financial world, after working several years in the top financial institutions in the U.S. as a financial Consultant. Her background in corporate America gave her life experience, structure and strategic mindset that she uses today. After building her business from the ground to a multi million dollar company, she excited and anxious to take on 9 small business owners to assist them in conquering their financial goals.

This program includes bi weekly meetings with Mrs. Harwell , education on logistics , analytics , marketing both on and off of social media, work life balance, business structure and so much more!! This program, although labeled "Beautiful" will be hard work and does require the work from each and every men tee. Time is of the essence and NO ONES time will be wasted in this program, your and ours alike. Your focus, dedication and determination to the program will determine how effective the experience is for you and your business.


Schedule of Fees:


Enrollment into the program is $5,000 this will cover your initial consultation with Mrs. Harwell and business audit for your business 5 years prior to current. This will also cover your bi weekly meetings for the first 4 weeks of enrollment.

Bi weekly meetings with Mrs. Harwell are virtual are an absolute must for your success in the program. This is where the core of obstacles will be conquered, opportunities clarified and growth in your business supported. YOU MAY NOT MISS A BI WEEKLY MEETING.

Monthly Fee: A $997 monthly fee for continued assistance with your business covers each meeting, marketing strategies or materials, problem solving, structure recovery or establishment etc..

Each person in the program will sign a 6 month contract and may leave the program at anytime. If you terminate your enrollment during the 6 month duration , you must re apply for consideration of re enrollment the following year and you will still be charged per your contract.


PLEASE UNDERSTAND, this is about development, consistency and growth.

If you are interested please fill out the form below: 



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