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Congratulations on taking the first step to changing your credit/financial situation! We are thrilled to have you and can't wait to share in this upcoming credit and financial success with you! By signing up, you are consenting us to legally assisting you with your financial and your credit situation. Your services will include consult and counsel on finances and credit which we consider the foundation for this new endeavor, as it is a LIFE CHANGE not a score change. Education on credit, how it is assessed, how it affects you and why; as well as the  perception of potentional lenders , employers and most financial institutions; this is all included in your enrollment fee; we also include the service of distributing documentation on your behalf ( distributed via certified mail) , in an attempt to assist in the removal of innaccurate , fraudulent, obselte and erraneous information from your credit report. This is a month to month service and may be cancelled at anytime without penalty or fee. Additionally, you will NOT be charged until services have been rendered from our company. The fees are as follows: $500 to be enrolled , $1000 for couples and $99 month for each person monthly. Re Enrollment is $199 to enroll and then $99 per month. Business Credit is $500 flat rate for new business clients. This is a flat rate and does not vary or change dependent on the credit situation. BY FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW YOU ARE CONSENTING  US TO ASSISTING YOU AND AUTHORIZE THE APPLICABLE FEE(S) TO BE CHANGED TO THE DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE; YOU ADDITIONALLY RECOGNIZE THAT DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS SERVICE WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE & DO NOT GURANTEE ANY "REMOVALS OF ITEMS FROM YOUR CREDIT REPORT, POSITIVE SCORE CHANGES IN YOUR CREDIT REPORT, OR DELETIONS OF ITEMS THAT ARE VALID AND ACCURATE". YOU ARE SOLEY PAYING FOR THE SERVICES BEING RENDERED. LASTLY, YOU AFFIRM THE FACT THAT THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE IS INDEED YOUR INFORMATION AND DOES NOT BELONG TO A 3RD PARTY AND IS LEGAL AND ACCURATE. For couples filling out the form below please include all information for each person individually. Thank you.

*Please note if your are signing up during a special or with a coupon please do NOT forget to enter that information to assure you are properly discounted*

Once you submit your information please await your login details and welcome packet. We will contact you IMMEDIATELY. Thank you.

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